Funding programs

CARIC programs support innovative projects that involve new technology, processes and equipment, along with other human performance-related areas. The results of this research help deliver innovative applications that meet the needs of the aerospace industry.
Primary objectives
Exploring the potential of emerging technology to generate new applications ideas through applied research projects. Exploring and understanding emerging technology. Validating technology components through studies and laboratory tests.
Validating or demonstrating key technology components in a significant component environment. Solving an exploratory or advanced issue with through technology, ensuring that it can be broken down into practical applications for the aerospace sector.
Level of initial technological readiness (TRL)
Typical duration
3 years

2-3 years

Type of partnership

Minimum of 4 Canadian partners

  • 2 industrial partners
  • 2 academic partners (university, college, research centre)

Minimum of 4 Canadian partners

  • 2 industrial partners
  • 2 academic partners (university, college, research centre)
Basic financial contribution from industrial partners
Destination of provided funds
Academic partners
Industrial and academic partners
Intellectual property (IP)
Generic CARIC project agreement (mandatory)
Generic agreement template supplied by CARIC upon request. Negotiation of clauses on IP at the discretion of the partners.

Other programs

CARIC-CRIAQ’s partnership with NRC-IRAP aims to help aerospace SMEs meet the operational, commercial, financial and competitive technological challenges they face nationally and globally. It is part of a desire to maximize the impact of support programs for aerospace SMEs, which play an important role in this industry that generates employment and wealth for Canada.

The objective is to provide flexible coaching services tailored to each Canadian SME in the industry to help them develop a more robust R&D and innovation strategy related to a business strategy to help them seize market opportunities.

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