CARIC and AIAC partner to create national aerospace technology development roadmap

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CARIC and the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) will be working together to create a roadmap for national aerospace technology development in Canada.

As part of the partnership, AIAC will be hiring a senior policy analyst to lead the association’s innovation and technology policy file and act as technology director for CARIC.

“This partnership brings together AIAC’s policy strength and CARIC’s deep connections to the Canadian aerospace research community to develop an in-depth strategy for the future of aerospace technology development in Canada,” said Jim Quick, president and CEO of AIAC. “AIAC is proud to contribute our experience in policy development to this important initiative, and we look forward to further enhancing our technology and innovation expertise through the creation of a new position to lead this file.”

“AIAC has been a partner in CARIC’s launch from day one, and this new partnership emphasizes its importance in our network,” said Denis Faubert, president and CEO of CARIC. “Thanks to the work that will be accomplished by our technology director, our community will rely on a proactive vision of technology orientations in aerospace.”