From Halifax, Montreal and Toronto to Winnipeg and Vancouver…CARIC has created a national collaborative innovation movement in aerospace!

CARIC has a Canada-wide presence, working in the same environment as companies and organizations that focus on the advancement of the Canadian aerospace industry. The Consortium is now on the lookout for ideas and projects that could benefit from its support and the significant momentum it can bring to the process.

Regional offices provide CARIC with a Canada-wide presence, at the local level. In synergy with other Canadian chapters and headquarters, these offices handle the following:

  • Mobilize companies and government agencies more directly
  • Inform the entire Canadian aerospace industry about the expertise and projects of the organizations it represents
  • Create relevant and strategic alliance through innovative R&D projects

Aerospace organizations, wherever they are in Canada, can therefore rely on nearby representatives to help them bring to life their collaborative R&D projects.

Meet our five regional offices: