Loren Hendrickson Loren Hendrickson is Regional Director for Central Canada (Manitoba and Saskatchewan) for CARIC. He holds a Master of Science in aerospace engineering and engineering mechanics from the University of Cincinnati and a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from the University of Manitoba.

Mr. Hendrickson has had an extensive career in aerospace. Previously he led the Boeing Research & Technology (BR&T) Group for Advanced Composite Materials, Processing and Automation Systems at Boeing Canada in Winnipeg. On the company’s 787 Program, he oversaw the introduction of Tier 1 design responsibility. In addition to various other technology-development positions at Boeing, he has experience in design, structural analysis and certification with GE Aviation in Cincinnati and Magellan Aerospace in Winnipeg.

Mr. Hendrickson is a leader in the regional aerospace community. He was instrumental in the creation of the Canadian Composites Manufacturing Research & Development (CCMR&D) consortium, has served on the industry advisory board for the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Engineering and led the Technology Road Map for Composite Materials for the Manitoba Aerospace Association.

Mr. Hendrickson is a professional engineer and has been recognized for numerous technical and leadership accomplishments in commercial aerostructure development, including patent awards.