The Consortium for Aerospace Research and Innovation in Canada (CARIC) is a non-profit organization that was created in 2014 with the federal government’s financial support.


CARIC’s mission is as follows:

  • Generate and foster dialogue and collaboration between players in the aerospace industry.
  • Provide financial support to launch R&D projects in partnership with these players.


Strategic, financial and administrative support encourages the industry and research community to work together to achieve excellence and compete on a global scale.

CARIC, provincial associations and member need to collaborate to give the aerospace industry a regional reputation, a strong Canada-wide presence and international market prominence.


CARIC has chosen to focus its governance, growth and funded projects on the following six values.


Collaboration drives the research projects funded by CARIC — industry and research community collaboration, provincial association collaboration, intersectoral and transdisciplinary collaboration, SMB and industrial group collaboration, sometimes even international collaboration.


CARIC is an organization acts as a catalyst of innovation — its members strive to push boundaries and shape the future of aerospace research, development and technology adaptation.


Creativity is vital to innovation. CARIC’s synergistic approach galvanizes this creativity to overcome industry-specific technical challenges and develop advanced, market-oriented solutions.


The Canadian aerospace industry has an excellent international reputation as a leader. And CARIC brings together — through its board, committees and membership — experts from the sector and research community and a diversity of industry players that associate their credibility with CARIC.


Tuned to the needs of a rapidly evolving industry, CARIC must be agile, both regulatory and technologically, when it comes to its procedures, methods and decisions.


CARIC is a results-driven organization with an avowed mission to make tangible contributions to the aerospace industry.