First Regional CARIC Research Forum in Manitoba: The Largest Aerospace Technical Event in this Region!

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The first regional CARIC Research Forum was held in Manitoba and Saskatchewan on May 26. Over 70 participants from government, industry and the research community gathered together at the University of Manitoba, for a technical event unparalleled in the region.

Mike Kilfoil, Leader of the National Research Council’s (NRC) Factory of the Future (FOTF) program, started the ball rolling with a preview of this flagship initiative. The Forum also included an update on the Manitoba Aerospace Technology Roadmap, numerous regional research and technology interests and collaboration opportunities, demonstrating the sector’s commitment.

Loren Hendrickson, Regional Director for Manitoba and Saskatchewan, was delighted with the level of participation at the event: “This first-ever regional Research Forum has become the largest aerospace technical event in Manitoba’s history. We are proud of this success. This will now be an annual event for the community.”

Denis Faubert, President and CEO of CARIC, applauded this regional event: “It has given the aerospace community in Manitoba and Saskatchewan considerable momentum. This first regional Forum highlights the growing number of collaborations within Canada, boding well for its future.”


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